Best Local Milkshake

Fanci Freez

We know we've mentioned this before, but the numbers are astounding. In 2014, Fanci Freez sold as many as 100,000 milk- and Boston shakes. Think about that: 100,000 frosty, sweet treats in 365 days. That's an average of 273.9 per day. Considering Franci Freez is open 77 hours per week (Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-11 p.m. and Sunday, 11 a.m.-10 p.m.), that's about 3.5 per hour. Admittedly, math's not our strong suit, but that a phenomenally successful equation.

2nd Place: Westside Drive-In—With more than a dozen shake and malt flavors from cappuccino to wild cherry (plus options like the Goober Special Float, with ice cream, peanut butter and ginger ale), Westside Drive-In has a bead on the beautiful art of shakeology.

3rd Place: Moon's Kitchen Cafe—As famous for its milkshakes, malts and floats as it is for its down-home diner fare, Moon's Kitchen Cafe is a time-honored Boise hotspot for cool ice-cream based refreshment. All the standard flavors are there, plus outliers like mocha java, cheesecake and peach. Bonus: order a shake at Moon's and you'll be served out of a piece of local history—the milkshake counter was built decades ago by Martha Moon.

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