Best Local Mediterranean


That's it folks, they did it—Mazzah has officially held onto the Best Local Mediterranean title for a solid decade, living up entirely to its personal maxim: "good food is 'good,' but food that you can't stop thinking about is even better." Boiseans have been voting Mazzah to the top of the list for 10 years because they have a bad case of baba ghannooj, beef shawarma and falafel on the brain. Best. Problem. Ever.

2nd Place: The Gyro Shack—Gyro Shack founder Gus Zaharioudakis opened his business with health, great food and the spirit of the old country in mind—the fact that most locations are drive throughs and the sauces are made in house is icing on the cake.

3rd Place: Sofia's—From the moment you walk through the door, Sofia's Greek Bistro feels like home. The decor is bright, the servers are friendly and the food, from plump dolmades to pitas piled with juicy gyro meat, is divine.

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