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Admittedly, "best meat" is not the ideal choice of words for a Best of Boise category title hoping to elicit serious responses. Apparently, many of you out there think rather highly of what's in your britches. After laughing our way through all the responses and winnowing it down to just the serious answers, Boise Co-op came out on top, which, if you ask us, is a win that's slightly tinged with irony, seeing as how the North End grocery store is certainly better known for catering to the herbivores among us. But vegetarian, vegan, ovo-lacto, gluten-free isn't all Boise Co-op does. In fact, the meat selection is, as BW readers pointed out, pretty decent. From free-range organic chicken to hormone-free beef, Boise Co-op does your meat and does it da best. (And not "your meat" as in the what's in your pants, silly.)

Second Place: Bob's Meats Royale

Third Place: Porterhouse Market

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