Best Local Martini

Rice Contemporary Asian Cuisine

The halcyon days of martini drinking—undisputedly the 1960s—may be over, but there are plenty of people for whom the measure of a great bar is the quality of its martini. In 2013, Rice Contemporary Asian Cuisine took first in the Best Local Martini category and hasn't looked back since.

2nd Place: Bardenay Restaurant and Distillery—When it comes to martinis, it helps to make your own booze. Bardenay has the distinction of being America's first restaurant/distillery. In 2000, it served its first cocktail using spirits distilled in-house, and the rest is history.

3rd Place: Chandlers Steakhouse and Seafood—There are many great bars that make respectable martinis in Boise, but Chandlers has an ace up its sleeve: the 10-minute martini. Once prepared, the bartender lets this bad boy sit in an ice bath, using convection to stir the ingredients. The result is a martini made legend.

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