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Zen Bento

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We're happy to see Zen Bento get some recognition for its healthy, delicious lunch. Choose a bed of noodles or rice (you super-health nuts can even choose brown rice), your choice of proteins—including beef, chicken and tofu—and an assortment of fresh vegetables all sauteed together with a variety of sauces that are, again, your choice. If that's not enough (though the plentiful portions probably are), they also offer sushi and salads. Their expanded location at the corner of 10th and Main streets has been renovated to look like a metropolitan downtown eatery meaning you eat healthy, on the cheap and in style.

Second Place Tie: Gernika basque pub and eatery and Bittercreek Ale House

Third Place Tie: Brick Oven Bistro and Zeppole Baking Co.

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