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Idaho Shakespeare Festival

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We here at BW can't help but love the Idaho Shakespeare Festival, and apparently the people of Boise feel the same. The perennial favorite always tops the list of Boise's favorite theater experiences, and it's hard not to see why. From the high-quality performance, direction and design to the gorgeous amphitheater itself, a night at the Shakespeare Festival is an experience. In recent years, the festival has branched out to include the works of modern playwrights in addition to the Bard, even offering up an annual fall musical. There's an undeniable appeal to watching a raucous production of Little Shop of Horrors (complete with live orchestra) while sipping a glass of wine. Give us a giant man-eating, talking plant and a sadistic dentist with a doo-wop soundtrack any night. When you go to an ISF production, you know you're going to get a quality performance in a gorgeous setting with a relaxed atmosphere.

Second Place: Boise Contemporary Theater

Third Place: Boise Little Theater

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