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In honor of Idaho Shakespeare Festival, we present Boise Weekly's first ever son-not, "From You We've Not Been Absent In Summer," written in the style of William Shakespeare's "From You I Have Been Absent In the Spring" (Sonnet No. 98).

From you we've not been absent in summer.We can't wait for June, dressed in floral finery,For it hath put season's tickets in our mailbox.

When heavy Sol drops 'neath the hills, Green Show begins.

And we lay out blankets, dishes and drinks,

Anticipating plays from the Bard and others.

We wait for tales to transport us afar,

Or speak to us as if from where we grew.

We don't wonder at the words we don't know,

Nor question the deep meanings in the prose.

We watch the drama unfold with delight,

Drawn into unparalleled productions,

We return many times 'til summer's end.

Ah, love, Idaho Shakespeare Festival.

2nd Place: Boise Contemporary Theater,

3rd Place: Boise Little Theater,

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