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Idaho Shakespeare Festival

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This marks the 16th time Idaho Shakespeare Festival has claimed this title, so we think we should throw it a sweet 16 party to thank it for bringing us must-see summer theater. After all, ISF feels kind of like a member of the family for most Boiseans. We've watched it mature from its slightly awkward years of performances on a restaurant patio, to the years when it moved out and found its first place, to finally being able to afford its dream home. Now, it hosts get-togethers and invites everyone over. It's quite generous, dishing out heaping portions of comedies, classics and musicals. It's time to party--we have some balloons, anyone else want to chip in? 5654 Warm Springs Ave., Boise, 208-336-9221,

Second Place: Boise Contemporary Theater,

Third Place: Boise Little Theater,

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