Best Local Karaoke

Terry's State Street Saloon

Karaoke is a tradition in Boise, where every weekend, hundreds of people break from the downtown bar-and-dance-floor scene for a night of singing (badly) in front of their friends. The singers have spoken: Terry's State Street Saloon, that bastion of bar video games, pitchers of domestic beer and costume contests, is the best place in town to growl, scream or mumble your way through "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

2nd Place: The 44 Club—Neither gaudy nor overloud, dingy or pretentious, The 44 Club is a bar for people who love bars, with leather barstools, pool tables, live music and pictures of patrons on the walls. It's claim to fame is its intense karaoke competitions, the beloved centerpiece for its loyal fans.

3rd Place: The Balcony Club—There are a lot of wannabe divas in Boise, but no diva gets sworn in as the real deal without mastering the art of karaoke, having demonstrated an encyclopedic knowledge of mid-century country, classic rock, disco and whatever catchy-ass music was being written in the 1980s. That's why The Balcony has one of the hottest and most popular karaoke nights in town.

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