Best Local Karaoke Bar

Tie: 44 Club and Terry's State Street Saloon

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Every bar that has karaoke is the best bar, really, but the 44 and Terry's bump the K levels up a notch or 12. Maybe you have Steve Perry's pipes but could never quite rock the mullet and skin-tight acid-wash jeans. Or, you know Carrie Underwood has nothing on you except a great fashion sense and a record label. Maybe you think the words of summer loving between Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson are pure poetry and must be sung at any opportunity (and, clearly, many of you do). At the 44 Club and Terry's both, you don't have to sing like Jon Bon Jovi, you just have to want to. Everyone is super supportive and they are as happy to see you get up and belt something out, as you are to do it. But if it does take a little liquid courage to take the microphone, stiff drinks are the other reason folks flock to both bars. A record label representative might not be in the crowd, but you never know. Maybe Simon Cowell will be in Boise looking for the next Susan Boyle, so you better stretch your vocal chords and get to both places as often as possible.

Second Place: Overland Bar

Third Place: Cricket's Bar and Grill

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