Best Local Idaho Writer

Anthony Doerr

Although Doerr was born and raised in Ohio, he's lived in Boise long enough now to be considered a true native and local gem. Best known for his Pulitzer Prize-winning, New York Times bestselling novel All the Light We Cannot See, Doerr has also published a second novel (About Grace), a memoir (Four Seasons in Rome) and two collections of short stories (Memory Wall and The Shell Collector). He also has four O. Henry Prizes to his name, and a CV crammed with so many fellowships and awards that it may soon be too heavy to print on standard paper. If you haven't yet read him, you may not be a true Boisean at heart.

2nd Place: Minerva Jayne—While BW readers know her for her snappy, sass-filled yet often poignantly correct column "Minerva's Breakdown" in every weekly issue, Jayne has a lot more going on. Self-proclaimed "Boise's Blonde Bombshell," Jayne, who grew up in Emmett, can often be spotted at the Balcony, or on stage as a host and emcee for local events supporting the LGBTQIA community and benefiting charitable causes.

3rd Place: Tim Woodward—A well-loved Idaho Statesman columnist since the early '70s, Woodward technically retired from the newspaper life in 2011, but still keeps his writing sharp with blogging and bi-monthly columns. He also published Destination Idaho, a collection of his works including stories, profiles and columns, to mark his retirement, capturing the essence of Idaho in its pages.

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