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The Capri

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Believe it or not, science has no clear understanding of what a hangover is. Dehydration? Maybe, maybe not--according to Dutch researchers with the Alcohol Hangover Research Group (yes, that's a real thing), electrolyte levels don't differ much between dried out hangover sufferers and those who had the presence of mind to drink plenty of water. Ethanol breakdown in the body? Nope. Hangovers are worse when the ethanol byproduct acetaldehyde is low. Low blood sugar? Tests reveal that glucose the morning after doesn't alleviate symptoms, but makes them worse. Here's what's not a mystery: A big, greasy meal at The Capri can save your life post-booze up--or, at least, loosen death's the icy grip a little.

2nd Place: Los Betos,

3rd Place: Merritt's Family Restaurant,

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