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Graeber and Company

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An institution in the Boise Valley for over 30 years, this salon, nestled into a landmark location, boasts a team of pros who know a thing or two about total body care.

The glamorous facility houses stylists to make you look more beautiful, and true spa services to make you feel even better. Whether seeking rejuvenation, re-hydration or a tranquil escape from the stresses of life, Graeber and Company is the place to go. Part of the pampering is treating your mind, body and spirit with essential oils made of plants and flower essences, when used correctly, create physical and emotional changes. Might sound naughty, but it is oh so nice.

If the inside of Graeber and Company is any indication of how glam you're going to look on your way out, be prepared for a whole new pretty side of you. And hair is just the beginning. The award-winning Aveda salon is well-known for its hair stylists, but make-up, nails, massage, waxing, tinting and facials are all part of the Graeber regime as well.

Second Place: The Electric Chair

Third Place: The Beehive Salon

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