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Euphoria Salon

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Wow, who knew a race for best hair salon could be so exciting? First and second place in this category exchanged the lead several times, but when the dust settled, Goliath had been slain. That's right, after years of domination, Graeber & Company was bested by the little salon in Hyde Park. Behind the old-fashioned storefront windows in the middle of one of Boise's most historic districts, Euphoria's stylists are busy making Boise beautiful, from finding a hairstyle that's fashion forward without being too trendy to creating custom color that will have everyone else's heads turning. Sure, we all know that true beauty is on the inside, but it's really hard to have a lot of self-confidence when you're rockin' a mullet, a bowl cut or your dark brown/gray roots have grown out 3 inches from your bleached-blonde home dye job. And a unibrow? Forgetaboutit. Euphoria also offers waxing and nail care. It might be superficial, but don't we all feel better on the inside when we know we look good on the outside?

Second Place: Graeber & Company

Third Place: The Electric Chair

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