Best Local Food Truck

Funky Taco

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The local food truck industry has seen an enormous amount of growth in recent years. More mobile eateries means more competition, so winning in this category is no small feat. Congrats to Funky Taco for taking this year's top honors. We think FT would have swept some other (albeit hypothetical) categories, too: Best Local Most Appropriately Named Business, Best Local Use of Locally Sourced Items Especially Mouthwatering Brisket, Best Local Breaded-Cauliflower-That-Looks-Like-Chicken Taco ,and Best Local Stuffed Alligator Pear Which Is a Real and Not Made Up Thing. Whew, that's a truckin' mouthful.

2nd Place: Archie's Place,

3rd Place: Azteca Taco Truck,

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