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Cottonwood Grille

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This ain't no greasy spoon, and it sure won't be confused as a deli. In Boise, the Cottonwood Grille tops the list for fine dining. (Notice the "e" on the end of grille. That means it's fancy.) This is about more than the food, though. At Cottonwood, it's about an entire experience.

The main dining room has a modern ski lodge feel, with vaulted ceilings and a massive river-rock fireplace that dominates the room. Crisp white tablecloths cover each table, which are spread out far enough that you can actually have a private conversation over dinner—what a concept.

But if the weather is right, the patio is the place to be. The wrought iron tables are surrounded by trees draped in little white lights, and best of all, the patio borders the Greenbelt and the Boise River. The effect is a little oasis of calm in the middle of the city. The wine list is impressive, there's a full bar, the waitstaff is quick, professional and knowledgeable, and the food is fantastic. What tops it all off is the fact that Cottonwood Grille is not pretentious. No one wants to spend an evening worrying about being tossed out for not knowing the difference between the shrimp fork and the fish fork, and at Cottonwood, you can mix up your silverware until after dessert is long finished.

Second Place: The MilkyWay

Third Place: SixOneSix

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