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For some, fine dining is defined by a price point--the more expensive a restaurant is, the finer it must be. For others, fine restaurants are determined by a chef's reputation--the more notable a chef's name, the finer an establishment is reputed to be. And yet for others, it's all about the experience of meal--a particularly pleasing assault on all the senses throughout the duration of a visit. Barbacoa, with its promise to "stimulate your senses" and "elevate your mind," is a restaurant that falls squarely into the fine-dining category--a place where food is beautiful inside and out, a place where "fine" is defined by an experience that BW readers say is the best in Boise. 276 Bobwhite Court, Boise, 208-338-5000,

Second Place: Chandlers Steakhouse,

Third Place: Red Feather Lounge,

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