Best Local Ethnic Market

Boise Co-op

When Best of Boise voters want to think local but eat global, Boise Co-op is the place where they widen their palates. Even better, no matter how far afield you want your fare to hail from, the Co-op is going to do its best to source it fresh, organic and local.

2nd Place: The Basque Market—You don't have to travel to the Iberian Peninsula to savor the flavors of the Basque country. Just pop into The Basque Market and find chorizos, olives, cheeses, spices, sauces, wines and specialty items galore. Order online, and they'll ship to your door. Visit the shop, and you might end up signing up for a cooking class or get served some of its legendary paella.

3rd Place: Campos Market—Its Facebook page describes it as a Mexican restaurant, but Campos Market is much more. Sure, you can order up some of the best Mexican fare in the state (that alone is no mean feat), but Campos also offers all the ingredients you'll need to bring that food home.

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