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The Basque Market

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In a place like Boise, which proudly boasts about its deep Basque heritage, it only makes sense that a place like the Basque Market would come out on top of this category. And this is unquestionably one result we can get fully behind because we here at Boise Weekly heart the Basque Market. Sure, it doesn't hurt that it's just two blocks from BWHQ, but we'd walk miles for one of their fantastic sandwiches made with ingredients like roasted garlic-piquillo pepper aioli, idiazabal and manchego cheeses and, of course, chorizo. We might walk even further for their wine selection from the Basque country, along with exotic olive oils, peppers, candies and even cookware. Of course, we'd have to bring our cars to load up on their prepared dishes, like croquettas, lamb stew and piles of specialty cheeses and meats. We'd definitely need our cars after partaking of their tapas every Tuesday evening, or their catered events, or even one of their many cooking classes. We might have to take a walk in their direction now.

Second Place: Boise Co-Op

Third Place: Campos Market

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