Best Local DJ/Radio Personality

Mike and Kate, KCIX Mix 106-FM

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Podcasts have changed the aural landscape forever. Whether we listen to podcasts for information or entertainment, we do it intentionally--we can download what we want to hear when/if we want to hear it. Sometimes, though, it's nice to just push, flick or voice-activate a button and know that whatever comes out of the speakers is something we'll enjoy, like the voices of people we know. Mike Kasper and Kate McGwire at Mix 106 are like that neighbor you are actually happy to see standing in his yard when you pull into your driveway (not the neighbor sighting that causes you pull out your cell phone and pretend like you're solving the world's conflicts so you can't possibly stop to chat). You like to hear their stories, they make you laugh and you always feel a little bit better after having spent some time with them. You would even trust Mike and Kate to feed your dog and water your plants while you are out of town.

Second Place: Tim Johnstone and Ken Bass, KRVB 94.9-FM The River

Third Place: Keke Luv, KISS 103.3-FM

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