Best Local Dessert

Goody's Soda Fountain

There is no better finish to a fine meal in Hyde Park than taking a stroll along the quaint neighborhood streets and popping into Goody's for an after-dinner treat. From ice cream to candy and everything between, you'll find something sweetly satisfying.

2nd Place: Fork—Four words: salted caramel bread pudding. This sweet and salty dish leads Fork's dessert menu for good reason, but it's not the only delectable entry. Try the restaurant's warm butter cake, southern style strawberry shortcake or cloverleaf ice cream and next time you might skip the dinner course.

3rd Place: Alavita—We hope this doesn't set up some kind of sibling rivalry, but Alavita—sister restaurant to Fork—is also no slouch in the sweets department. The Italian spot features a handful of treats from the Apennine Peninsula, like fresh local gelato, vanilla budino (salted caramel sauce and toffee chocolate pretzel bark) and affogato (vanilla gelato dunked in espresso). Buon appetito.

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