Best Local Dance Club

The Balcony

The escalator to The Balcony is the stairway to heaven, and for nine years—since the inception of this Best-of category—Boise voters have seen fit to crown The Balcony as their favorite dance club. With a huge dance floor and an epic bar, it has the facilities, but what makes this place the king is its inclusive, party-loving atmosphere. There, you will find people of all persuasions who have one thing in common: They like to dance and have fun!

2nd Place: Humpin' Hannah's—If the intersection of Sixth and Main streets in downtown Boise is the party capital of Boise, Humpin' Hannah's is the capital of Sixth and Main. Its unassuming brick facade hides some of the wildest parties and raucous times anywhere. With a cavernous dance area and upper deck perfect for cooling off, it's the place where bar crawls in Boise come to an end.

3rd Place: Neurolux—Music and dancing go together like peas and carrots, and Neurolux is where Boise goes for music. For the most part, the music is live, and not the kinds of bump-and-grind dance club fare one would find at most other venues, but it remains one of the places in town where people find themselves on the dance floor the most.

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