Best Local Dance Club

The Balcony Club

Perched above the intersection of Eighth and Idaho streets in downtown Boise, The Balcony Club has a literal corner on the city's dance club scene. Even though it's best known as a gay bar, people of all stripes swing by to drink, dance, play bar games and generally cut loose.

2nd Place: Neurolux—It stands to reason one of downtown Boise's most prominent music venues would also rank among its best places to go dancing. Neurolux features a raised bandstand, a jukebox and a sizeable dance floor, but it's the low-key, easy-going vibe that makes people want to get jiggy with it (to borrow a phrase from 1997).

3rd Place: Fatty's Bar—Adventures at the club are the stuff of story and song. It's the setting of tall tales from Friday and Saturday nights spent partying with friends and dancing. Fatty's Bar on Eighth Street is where Boise goes clubbing and this year's third-place finisher for Best Local Dance Club.

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