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Boise Blue

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Something borrowed? Find it in your friend's closet. Something blue? Well, you'd better have a grocery list ready, because when you go perusing the aisles of art supplies at Boise Blue, it ain't going to be a quick trip. That's not to say that the staff, patient as can be with jibbering would-be artists, can't direct you to your materials in a jiffy. But if you're just ... browsing... well, you're going to be there awhile. And you're going to come away with a packet of killer pens, some paper that you just can't resist and possibly a frame or two. At least, that's what happens to some of us when we make the plunge. Many of BW's cover art selections came straight from the ink, paint and paper they sell there. For that, we should all be grateful.

Second Place: Michael's Craft and Hobby

Third Place: Craft Warehouse

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