Best Local Coffeehouse

Flying M Coffeehouse

You can hear the buzzing down the street, and it's not just the coffee. Flying M might as well be dubbed a downtown Boise community center. People on laptops, people reading newspapers, people reading books, people talking, people eating, people drinking coffee, people looking at art, people shopping for gifts and tchotchkes... you get the picture.

2nd Place: Dawson Taylor Coffee Roasters—Walk past Dawson Taylor on Eighth Street and you'll smell the coffee, and it's not just because they serve up some wicked strong blends. Since 1995, Dawson Taylor has served as one of the finest roasters of beans not only in Boise, but the whole state. As far as downtown landmarks go, this one of the best—and best smelling.

3rd Place: Hyde Perk Coffee House—In the heart of Boise's Hyde Park on 13th Street, visitors will find an airy, wood-paneled gathering place filled with happy North Enders. Hyde Perk Coffee House opened in January 2016 and has fit right in with the tight-knit 'hood.

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