Best Local Cocktails

Red Feather Lounge

Mixology is the name of the game at Red Feather Lounge. For years, the Eighth Street icon has been an "it" spot, with a voluminous (and authoritative) cocktail menu, as well as having one of the finest patios in downtown Boise. Its unique combo of great drinks and excellent setting have garnered Red Feather Lounge numerous Best of Boise wins and runners-up.

2nd Place: The Modern Hotel and Bar—There's cool, and there's The Modern Hotel and Bar. Commandeered by liquor wizard and this year's Best Local Bartender Michael Bowers, this bar takes cocktail style to new heights.

3rd Place: Mai Thai Restaurant and Bar—Even in the dead of Boise winter, it can still feel like summer at Mai Thai Restaurant and Bar. Sure, it will serve up cocktail go-to's like martinis and whiskey sours; but the tiki-themed cocktails taste like tropical sunshine and can warm up patrons like a day at the beach, even when it's snowing outside.

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