Best Local Clothing Store

Banana Ink

Too often, people confuse Idaho with Ohio or, gasp, Iowa. Slip on something from Banana Ink, and no one will wonder if you have 208 pride. Specializing in Gem State-themed apparel, pop into Banana Ink's storefront on Ninth Street and you'll find hoodies, hats, bandanas and belt buckles all emblazoned with some form of nod to the 43rd addition to the United States.

2nd Place: Piece Unique & Shoez Clothing Co.—Unless you're going for an Eastern Bloc vibe, when you dress it's to stand out of from the crowd. Piece Unique & Shoez Clothing Co. lives up to its name with upscale men's and women's apparel, swanky shoes and accessories. Find your new look in Piece Unique's showroom on 10th Street in Boise's downtown core.

3rd Place: Serendipity Boutique—First opened as the Nearly Nu Shoppe in 1973, Serendipity Boutique is the spot for spicing up your attire with styles for teens, men and women in formal, casual, vintage and costume varieties. Looking for an '80s inspired sartorial masterpiece? Serendipity has you covered.

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