Best Local Chef

Lou Aaron, Westside Drive-In

Known to Boiseans simply as Chef Lou, Lou Aaron has been a fixture of the local dining scene more than 30 years. A Boise native—with numerous spells spent in Alabama, Texas and Georgia—his name has been associated with such old school spots as the Havana Club-Bouquet, Top of the Hoff, the Gamekeeper and The Ram. Today, he's the man behind Westside Drive-In and remains a pillar in the local industry.

2nd Place: John Berryhill, Berryhill/Bacon—The Berryhill name has become synonymous in Boise with fine dining in a casual, yet hip urban setting. The restaurants helmed by the eponymous John Berryhill consistently rank among the top for Boise diners, and it's to his credit. Describing his concept as "slightly Southern," we'll amend that to "more-than-slightly superb."

3rd Place: Justin Scheihing, Mai Thai Restaurant and Bar—Mai Thai Restaurant and Bar was nominated in 15 categories for this year's Best of Boise. That's a lot of love shown by BoB voters—and for good reason. If you're looking for somebody to pat on the back for Mai Thai's stellar reputation, ask for Chef Justin Scheihing, whose flair and energy helps keep this eatery one of the most celebrated in town.

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