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Record Exchange

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This downtown institution would probably take first place honors if there were 10 local CD stores. The RX carries an amazing selection of music including plenty of stuff from local musicians. The coolest thing about the store--besides the fact that it shares square footage with The Edge, the place to find the hippest, trendiest jewelry, T-shirts, posters, rock 'n' roll merchandise and vinyl toys--is that, like the name indicates, you can actually buy records there, too. Plus, owners Mike Bunnell and Jill Sevy keep a constant flow of in-store performances, and some bands make it their only Boise stop. The Record Exchange has been serving local music lovers for three decades. Here's hoping Bunnell and Sevy's kids want to take over the family business someday so we'll be taken care of musically for another 30 years.

Second place tie: CD Merchant and the Idaho Youth Ranch

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