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Goldy's Breakfast Bistro

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This win, folks, is an upset of mountainous proportions. We mean, nobody, nobody saw this coming. Goldy's as best breakfast? Come on ... who would have thought the little hole in the wall could pull it off? OK, OK, enough with the kidding already. Seeing as how Goldy's annually wins for the breakfast joint that Boise just can't get enough of, it seems highly implausible that we can carry on the "whoda-thunk-it" charade much longer. The truth is that Goldy's--the pint sized breakfast bistro that looks like a sunrise gone outside in--just does what it does the best. Period. With a top 10 spot on Bon Appetit's list of best breakfasts in America and nods from The New York Times, who are we to disagree? We like to rave about the flat, aioli-drizzled salmon cakes and the mountainous cup of cascading fruit, the ridiculously rich stuffed French toast and the crisped-up-just-nice Goldy's potatoes. We like to recommend Goldy's to friends looking for a place to take friends for breakfast. We like to snag a table under the light aflight and wrap our hands around a fat white ceramic mug full of joe. And like you, BW readers, we've been digging it for as long as we can remember.

Second Place: The Capri

Third Place: Addie's

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