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Out of the many people in this town who you know, there's a good chance at least one of them is a skate- or snowboarder (even if they're only a weekend boarder). Young and old, people are drawn to board sports. Like surfing in Southern California in the '50s, both skateboarding and snowboarding have spawned a subculture all their own. And what's a subculture without accoutrements? Well, we don't want to find out.

If you are a skater or know a skater (or just want to wear cool stuff like they do), Newt & Harold's is a great place to pick up equipment—boards, wheels, trucks, —but also shirts, pants, goggles, gloves, watches, sunglasses and shoes, shoes, shoes. For those of you who prefer dropping a board without wheels onto a mountain of white powder, Newt & Harold's has boards and bindings, parkas and pants to keep you warm and looking good while you're slicing through the snow. Whether the weather calls for a pair of Pumas or something from Burton, Newt & Harold's has it. Want to do a little name droppin' with your look? Smith, Paul Frank, Oakley, Spy and Dragon—Newt & Harold's has your brand names.

Second Place: The Board Room

Third Place: Prestige Skateboards

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