Best Local Bloody Mary


Chef John Berryhill loves bacon so much he named a restaurant after it, so it shouldn't surprise anyone he put it in his famous Bacon Bloody Mary. This meaty brunch libation comes with the porky goodness itself speared on a toothpick and bacon-infused bloody Mary mix to drive the point home: There's no such thing as too much bacon.

2nd Place: Rice Contemporary Asian Cuisine—East Asian cuisine has some of the most complex, delicate interplay between food flavors and textures in the world. The bloody Mary at Rice Contemporary Asian Cuisine is a perfect fit, with salty, savory tomato juice, vodka and a slew of spices.

3rd Place: Fork—On the Fork menu, the bloody Mary is filed under "Classics and Classic Variations"—a sign the downtown Boise favorite hasn't lost its appetite for what made this boozy brunch treat the OG hangover cure.

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