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George's Cycles

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Here's a scenario: A BW staffer drives up to the George's Cycles store off of Front Street, with a bike wheel in dire need of assistance. But their hours have changed for the season, and the doors are closed. Just when it looks dire, a mechanic is there, before the shop opens, just getting ready to start his day, and he (a) offers to take the wheel, (b) delivers his assessment of its condition and (c) promises to have it fixed as soon as possible. And the guy wasn't even on the clock. Maybe that's what makes George's so appealing; the guys in the shop live for bikes, whether they're wearing the shop apron or not. Need to rent a bike travel box? Yeah, they've got that too, for pennies a day. Need a Boise State jersey? Yep. Perfect bike fit? OK, come on by. Service and amenities are what bring people back, time and time again.

Second Place: Idaho Mountain Touring

Third Place: Bob's Bicycles

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