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Boise Bicycle Project

This is way more than a place to pick out a new ride. Boise Bicycle Project has almost singlehandedly made cycling in the City of Trees a social, political and economic issue by gifting bikes to children, partnering with other organizations on bike-themed events, teaching people how to maintain and repair their equipment, promoting cycling as an alternative to commuting by auto and lobbying local government agencies to improve bicycle infrastructure—and that's just the tip of the iceberg. There's a long way to go before Boise hits peak bike-friendliness, but just like this list, BBP is on top of it.

2nd Place: George's Cycles—George's has been at the forefront of Boise bike culture since the beginning. Founded in 1971 as George's Bike Shop, it was the hub of the roadie-oriented Boise Cycling Club before riding on fat tires through the Boise Foothills was a blip on anyone's radar. It's where those who ride for fitness and fun head when they need new kit.

3rd Place: Idaho Mountain Touring—Fully half of the ginormous downtown IMT location is dedicated to bikes, and for good reason: It's located just south of the North End neighborhood—and west of City Hall, which has made getting to and from the North End by bike a priority. It's the nexus of supply and demand, and third on Boise's list of top bike shops.

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