Best Local Bartender

Major Ludwig, Rice

Rice Contemporary Asian Cuisine has an ace in the hole: Major Ludwig, its star bartender. This cocktail wizard appeared at the top of this list for the first time in 2013, and was briefly unseated in 2015 and again in 2016. He's back this year in the No. 1 position at one of the artsiest joints in Eagle.

2nd Place: Adan David, The Balcony—With its flashing lights and colorful characters, The Balcony has one of the best vibes in Boise nightlife. At the top of that heap is bartender Adan David. This is David's first appearance on this list, but with his skill and a little luck, it won't be his last.

3rd Place: Mark Allen, Barbacoa—Mark Allen has been lurking in the Best Local Bartender category since he first topped the list straight out of nowhere in 2007, when he was tending bar at Red Feather Lounge. Since then he has taken first place four times. Keep an eye on Allen—he isn't going anywhere but up.

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