Best Local Barbecue

Goodwood Barbecue Company—Edwards

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The champion reigns supreme. Once again, Boise has proclaimed Goodwood's finger-lickin', sauce-drippin' ribs the best around. But it's not just ribs that come doused in barbecue sauce. This place is a vegetarian's nightmare with brisket and pulled pork, half-chickens and, of course, those ribs—available in three styles, baby back, St. Louis and West Texas. There are all the required sides, cole slaw, potato salad, onion rings, fries, barbecue beans and even cornbread muffins with bits of peppers inside. You know you're in for a good barbecue experience when you arrive at the table to find two bottles of sauce and a roll of paper towels.

Second Place: Eagle Rib shack

Third Place: Texas Roadhouse

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