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Pengilly's Saloon

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One of the jewels of the Boise bar scene, Pengilly's has only gotten better--and bigger--with age. Opened in 1976, the booze hall knocked out a wall and spread out into its neighboring space in 2013, though even longtime regulars said the expansion did little to alter the vibe. And that's a good thing. No less than Esquire magazine called Pengilly's "the one true classic in Boise," paying homage to its bottle selection and "stunner" of a bar: a century-old Brunswick. Whether you're a happy hour habitue; a riled up college kid; artist; musician; or simply a lover of atmosphere (including stuffed buffalo heads), fine libations and stellar service, Pengilly's fits the bill.

2nd Place: Neurolux,

3rd Place: Mai Thai,

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