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Well-known fact: the Neurolux keeps its smoky doors open later than most bars in town. Maybe that's why we see packs of bikes speeding around downtown corners at 1:30 a.m., trying to make last call. And who are we to judge? With ridiculously strong well drinks, a packed, sweaty dance floor and a patio full of familiar folk, the Neurolux is a late-night recipe for a hazy, hair-of-the-dog morning. And for our readers who prefer daylight to late-night imbibing, Neurolux has a happy hour that runs every day from 1 to 8 p.m. That gives you ample time to annoy the daytime bartenders by playing the entire Patsy Cline and Buddy Holly collections on the jukebox before the band starts up its soundcheck. Hey, and as long as you've made it that far, you might as well stick around for last call.

Second Place: Pengilly's Saloon

Third Place: Bardenay Restaurant and Distillery

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