Best Local Band

Built to Spill

For those eight or nine Boise Weekly readers unfamiliar with this six-time Best Local Band winner (non-consecutive since 2007), here's a quick summary: Catchy tunes, quirky lyrics, guitar heroics a la J Mascis, ambassador and champion of Boise rock for 20+ years. To borrow a line from key BTS influence Neil Young, long may they run.

2nd Place: Hillfolk Noir—Hillfolk hasn't won this category as many times as Built to Spill has, but it clearly has plenty of fans: The self-proclaimed "Junkerdash" trio has taken second or third place six years out of the past seven and took first place in 2013. With songs that call to mind Skip James or Doc Watson on a bad acid trip, what's not to love?

3rd Place: Jonathan Warren and the Billy Goats—Boise loves its folk and country. This twangy group is a perfect case in point; Warren and company have been a mainstay of the local scene for the past few years. Those who haven't heard them yet should check out Bless My Soul (self-released, 2015), which features their sharpest songwriting and most assured musicianship to date.

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