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We have been writing about Boise's Built To Spill sweeping the first-place spot for years--eight times since Best of Boise started. The band is so important to and so beloved by such a legion of fans outside of Boise's borders that it only makes sense we denizens of Tree City consider it the best as well. But it isn't just a matter of groupthink; we don't think BTS is the best simply because everyone else does. The band has made an indelible mark that stretches across three decades and has made some of the most influential and sublime songs in the American music canon. We're proud to tell anyone who will listen that BTS is from Boise and that frontman Doug Martsch is one of the nicest, most inspired musicians we know, but not just because it makes us sound cool. We like to say it because it's true.

Second Place: Finn Riggins

Third Place: Hillfolk Noir

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