Best Local Art Gallery

Freak Alley Gallery

Famous for being the largest mural gallery in the Northwest, Freak Alley is a Boise staple, partly because it's filled with stellar local art and partly because it's mostly outdoors, one of Boise's favorite places to be. Nothing that you see in Freak Alley is permanent, but the continual rotation of works is part of its boundless charm, and the fact that it's free and open to the public doesn't hurt, either.

2nd Place: Boise Art Museum—One of the few nationally accredited art museums in Idaho, BAM is known for its top-notch exhibits, community engagement on First Thursdays, Art in the Park summer sendoff and more. Its ever-changing collection of works is always carefully curated to both reflect and expand Boise culture.

3rd Place: Visual Arts Collective—Located in Garden City, VAC is more than just an art gallery—it's also a performance venue and community gathering place, playing host to film, theater, music and dance groups. Whether you're stopping by for a naughty book-themed variety show or a low-key night with a singer-songwriter, every visit promises to be unique.

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