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An art museum is vital to a community's well-being, especially in a city like Boise, where "an" art museum means "the" art museum--as in, there isn't another museum of its size for miles. Boise Art Museum serves those for whom it may be the only museum they've ever stepped into and also those who grew up spending Saturdays wandering the Guggenheim Museum in Manhattan. From the permanent collection, which includes work by local artists, to quintessentially 21st century exhibits such as Nick Cave: Meet Me at the Center of the Earth (up through the end of 2012), BAM is a Boise institution that educates and enriches the lives of every person who walks through its halls. And as a bonus, the BAM gift shop always offers cool items related to the main exhibit--for example, Nick Cave magnets, notecards, scarves and even punching bags. 670 Julia Davis Drive, 208-345-8330,

Second Place: Visual Arts Collective,

Third Place: Flying M Coffeehouse,

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