Best Local Appliance Store

Jim's Appliance

The winner in this category hasn't budged since we introduced it in 2003. If you're looking for reliability, that's a good indicator Jim's Appliance will be there when you need it—which, judging by how often all this modern stuff breaks, will be pretty often.

2nd Place: CHF Home Furnishings—In a weird way, Philo T. Farnsworth helped launch CHF Home Furnishings. Bear with us: When still a young man, living in Rigby, Idaho, Farnsworth showed great mechanical aptitude. He later went on to invent the first electronic television, giving birth to the boob tube. Fast forward to the late 1940s, when Americans were buying up TVs, and you'll find the origin of CHF—founded in Boise in 1953 as Commercial TV and later expanded to Commercial Home Furnishings, or CHF for short. It doesn't get much more local than that.

3rd Place: Andy's 2nd Hand Appliances—They say you can't resist Andy's prices. We're not going to argue with that. Located on Cleveland Boulevard in Caldwell, Andy's 2nd Hand Appliances is the place to get the necessities—along with a lifetime guarantee—for your home without taking out a second mortgage.

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