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Antique World Mall

Home of Boise's finest collection of ephemera, Antique World Mall is creeping up on its 10th consecutive Best of Boise win. This year marks nine in a row that BOB voters have agreed that if you need a trip down memory lane, something unique for your home, a stellar gift or simply want to kill some time meandering through a galaxy of curiosities, you can't do better than Antique World Mall.

2nd Place: Once Upon A Time—Take a trip down State Street and back in time with this collection of eclectic errata from bygone years. Tucked in the Collister Shopping Center, Once Upon a Time brings together antiques vendors offering everything from records and historic signage to curios, dishes and furniture. Once Upon a Time is a good start to any story.

3rd Place: L.A. Junk Antiques—Sisters Karen Chambers and Deanna Whetzel have a shared passion for assembling the things that not only decorate spaces but define lives. At L.A. Junk Antiques, which Chambers and Whetzel have built over decades of acquisitions, everything old is new again, offering customers the opportunity to be inspired to "create that unique puzzle that is you."

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