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"Con" is a great example of how a lexicon evolves. As the opposite of pro, it means to be against something: "After that asshole Bernie Madoff defrauded so many people, politicians who once lobbied for lighter white-collar sentences began voting con." It's a verb meaning a shady deal or a double-cross: "Only an asshole like Bernie Madoff would con old people out of their savings." It's an abbreviation of the word convict: "That asshole con Bernie Madoff deserves to be behind bars for the rest of his natural life." Con is also an abbreviation of convention and when used in conjunction with words like Comic, Gen, Anime, Star Trek and Cosplay, has come to mean "a gathering in which fans celebrate a shared love." In recent years, Boise cons like Library Comic Con, Anime Oasis and Fandemonium have surged in popularity and recognition and have opened the door for even more conventions. No longer seen as functions solely for a particular subculture, cons are fun and welcoming for aficionados and newbies alike. Cons definitely belong in the pro column. Except for Bernie Madoff.,,

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