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There's an insider game that Neuro-lushes play frequently. It goes like this: Lush A says, "Let's only have one drink tonight at Neurolux and go to bed early." Lush B replies, "Yeppers, that sounds like a responsible idea. Neurolux is a drunkenness vortex that always sucks us in and spits us out tanked at 2 a.m." Then, as the warm buzz from the first drink disperses through their bodies, Lush A says: "Well, it's still early, how about another?" And Lush B quickly agrees, offering to buy a pack of smokes at the bar. Then, suddenly, the neon lights are flickering on and Lush A and B are covered in spilled vodka tonics and sweat from dancing all night to "Thriller." No one ever wins this game but many try.

Second Place: Lush

Third Place: Tie: Balcony Club and China Blue

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