Best Lane-Change

How Uber bypassed the city of Boise and got its way at the Statehouse

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First Boise was all, "cool, Uber is coming to town," then it was all, "WTF, Uber, you're doing business without an operating agreement, cut it out," then Uber was all, "screw you guys, we'll do what we want," then Boise was all, "the hell you are," then Uber was all, "try and stop us," then the Idaho Freedom Foundation was all, "free market, free market, free market," then the Idaho Legislature was all, "yeah, free market, screw you Boise, we'll make a law that says Uber can do whatever it wants," then Boise was all, "whatever, sure, you can deal with it Legislature." And so it was that City Hall got outman-Uber-ed.

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