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The Egg Factory

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Where is the place beyond downtown where you can swing into an strip mall parking lot and find a line out the door for breakfast from a place you've probably never heard of? The Egg Factory. A recent special was Key Lime Pancakes: two graham cracker crust pancakes with a layer of key lime filling in between served with whipped cream, two eggs and a choice of meat for $6.99. Bit too sweet for your sweet tooth? Check out the pages and pages of egg options (it is, after all, an "egg factory"). Loaded hashbrowns fulfill your sodium and fat quota for the week, but they're worth every extra calorie splurge. Homemade syrups run the gamut from butter pecan to marshmallow to coconut. All that sugar saturates the service, too. It's the kind of place where your server calls you "sweets" and you're so plum happy with hot coffee and buttery food you don't mind atall.

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