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Madhuban Indian Cuisine

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Back when Boise was a lesser city on the gastronomic scale than it currently is (while we're slow in becoming more diverse, it was worse, we assure you), Madhuban was about the only choice when it came to Indian cuisine. Now, even with a handful of competitors, Madhuban still manages to tug on the stomach strings of BW's loyalty when we have the time to exit our downtown bat cave and make the trip down to State Street and Gary Lane. And we really don't have a good reason for it, other than to say that it's just the schiznit. Super fabulous naan, tasty mango lassies, delish veggie options and more spice than we're cool enough for (most of us are only good for a level two of five). Oops, excuse us while we wipe the drool from the keyboard.

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