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Knitting Factory

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When word got out that Knitting Factory had purchased Bravo Entertainment and its Spokane and Boise Big Easy venues, a handful of folks murmured, "What's a Knitting Factory?" But many more shouted, "Seriously? Knitting Factory? Here in Boise? Are you kidding?" (Clearly those people were not afraid to ask questions). Those who had patronized either the New York or L.A. locations were familiar with the caliber of music the bicoastal venue brought through its doors. What makes it even sweeter is that unlike the more expensive LaLaLand and NYC markets, it doesn't cost a mint to see a great show here. Instead of forking over hotel and airfare, for a couple of Andrew Jacksons--enough for a ticket and a cab ride--locals can see some of the newest and freshest musical acts touring the country.

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